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  • $299.00

    We will provide ongoing support as long as you stay with us on a month by month basis.  Will keep up the required backlinking and site optimisation required for you to stay ahead of your competitors...REST ASSURED, THIS IS NOT A SUBSCRIPTION PAYMENT LINK.

  • $300.00

    WebSite/Webword and Domain Name Tranfer for Fashion Fascinators Work contracted for website tranfer/web setup and DNS redirection of domain name services  for Fashion Fascinators.

    Online only
  • $200.00

    Facebook is the backbone of the social marketing industry as it has over 1.1 billion active users each and every month. It is essential to allow your Clients to interact with you on this platform. This package will gain trust and brand management for your business and ensure unique followers for years to come.  

  • $385.00

    NOTE: This is the final payment for the shopping cart initial build request. We offer a fully functional Shopping Cart for your E-Commerce shopping needs customised to your business branding. Rest assured you will get quality service and within your budget.

  • $430.00

    Welcom to our unique SEO and Social Media package. We are offering this package as an all round solution to your seo marketing needs to ensure your website get's maximum exposure.


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